America's Heritage


Navajo Wool Rug with Striking Red, Black and White Graphics (LEO Design)


Anywhere in the world, wherever a national Art Nouveau movement blossomed, it was common for the designers and artisans to tap the history and earlier culture of that particular country.  Whether the literature, mythology or the aesthetic vocabulary of an earlier time, Art Nouveau craftsmen would incorporate it into their contemporary works—perhaps a way of "reaching back" to a simpler, purer time.  In America, the Arts & Crafts movement would often utilize Native American artistry, symbols and themes in their works.  Sometimes the designers would simply use real Native American crafts as part of the Arts & Crafts decor—ceramics, baskets, woodcarvings, rugs and other textiles.

This Navajo wool rug, made in the 1920's, would have been right at home in a handsome Arts & Crafts household.  The bold graphics—in rich red, deep black and creamy white—provide dramatic style, not to mention confirm a most conspicuous "statement piece."  Click on the photo above to learn more about this beautiful piece of "art for the home."


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