All Saints’ Day

Gold Cufflinks of Saint Christopher and the Christ Child (LEO Design)

“Saint” Christopher is not—and has never been—”an official saint.”  His history, if he existed at all, is ambiguous at best.  Some scholars believe his story may have been confused with that of another third century saint.  Some believe he was martyred under the Roman Emperor Decius (in 251).  We are certain that he was never beatified or canonized. Nevertheless, he has been an important and popular “folk saint” since the Seventh Century. He is most commonly venerated as the patron saint of travelers.  He is also associated with helping during storms, toothache or epilepsy.

While Christopher may not be a Vatican-recognized saint, he has been popular with the laity. The Italian gold and silver cufflinks above, made in the 1920’s or 1930’s, are testimony to the devotion he enjoys.

Today is All Saint’s Day, a day when Catholics honor those who have died and now reside in heaven (which defines a saint).  Although all souls in heaven are considered saints, it is common on All Saints’ Day to celebrate the lives of the more famous saints—and some would include “Saint” Christopher amongst them.


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