All Elephants are Lucky!

A Mirrored Pair of Cast Bronze Elephant Bookends (LEO Design)

Some people can be so unreasonable!  There are the superstitious amongst us who believe an elephant MUST have his trunk extended upwards or they want nothing to do with him.  Not only is this conviction unscientific, but even real elephants don’t keep their trunks permanently extended.  To require the poor creature to hold-up his (heavy) appendage permanently—only to satisfy our superstitious whims—well, I feel sorry for the elephant! Furthermore, just because an up-ward trunk is (supposedly) lucky, does this mean a downward trunk is, therefore, unlucky?  Elephants have enough to worry about as it is—with poachers and traditional doctors coming after them (again, unscientific!).  Let’s cut these magnificent, impressive creatures a break!

No need to feel sorry here:  we have a majestically relaxed tusker who’s resting his schnozzle on the ground (good for him!).  He’s part of a mirrored-pair of elephants which make-up the pair of cast bronze bookends, pictured above.  And he doesn’t care what anyone thinks—about his trunk, about his ears, or about the wrinkles which cover most of his (slightly hairy) body!  And neither do I.  I like him just the way he is!


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