Accessories for the Natural Man - XIV


English Art Deco Chromed Cufflinks with Rootbeer and Taupe Enameling (LEO Design)


We're spending a few days showcasing some accessories "for the Natural Man"—cufflinks in the subtle, low-key shades of brown, rust, cream, black and white.  You'll find them (and many others) for sale on the LEO Design website.

The crisp, bold graphic on these cufflinks—presented in unusual rootbeer and taupe enameling—makes me think of the "V" in "Victory."  It's easy to see victory everywhere, especially in hindsight, when looking at something English from the Thirties or Forties.  But British victory in the war was never a certainty.  World War Two was fought hard and long—and the British paid dearly for their win. As for these cufflink graphics, they were probably made well before England entered the war (or even before there was a war).  So I guess I'm just being a romantic, or, perhaps, fanciful.  What is true is that these cufflinks are quite unique, especially regarding their coloration, and they do enjoy a strong and handsome graphic design.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about them.

More "Cufflinks for the Natural Man" tomorrow and in days to come.


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