Accessories for the Natural Man - XII


Art Deco Cufflinks with Bevelled Slabs of Banded Agate in Silver Mounts (LEO Design)


We're spending a few days showcasing some accessories "for the Natural Man"—cufflinks in the subtle, low-key shades of brown, rust, cream, black and white.  You'll find them (and many others) for sale on the LEO Design website.

Though I purchased these cufflinks in London, I have never been convinced that they were made in England. Something about the "large stone" slightly fascist design hinted at an Eastern European (or Soviet Bloc) origin.  They are set in Art Deco mounts—indicating that they are from the Thirties—a period when such "Brutalist" stonework was not really en vogue in the British Isles.  In this regard, they are just slightly ahead of their time.  (Big-stone cufflinks became popular after World War II, even more so in the Sixties and Seventies).

Regardless of the time or place of creation, one must admit that the banded agate is simply beautiful.  Caramels, whites and rootbeer colors form spontaneous streaks of stone—which was then cut, bevelled, polished and mounted.  These cufflinks definitely express a strong architectural sensibility.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.

More "Cufflinks for the Natural Man" tomorrow and in days to come.


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