Accessories for the Natural Man - XI


Scottish Cufflinks with Polished Hardstone Cabochons in Beaded Sterling Silver Settings (LEO Design)


We're spending a few days showcasing some accessories "for the Natural Man"—cufflinks in the subtle, low-key shades of brown, rust, cream, black and white.  You'll find them (and many others) for sale on the LEO Design website.

The Scots love their stones!  From the rusticated architectural building-blocks in Edinburgh to the inlaid agates in their "Penannular" shawl-fasteners.  And what seems to be important isn't whether the gemstone itself is valuable in the eyes of the world but, rather, is the stone colorful, beautiful, and Scottish in origin.  Like so many things Scottish, the best things come from the land.  My favorite things in Scotland are hard, durable and weather-beaten.  After all, this is a country represented by the thistle—a wiry, spiky and tenacious plant which clings to life in the rocky, cold and windswept mountain terrain.

These cufflinks, made in the 1920's, are fashioned from oval cabochons of polished "hardstone"—mostly oxblood, with a dose of brown, and freckled with other random colors.  The warm, natural masculinity of the stone is "domesticated" with a handsome beaded silver setting—the perfect juxtaposition of civilization and the Scottish wilds.  Click on the photo above to learn more about them.

More "Cufflinks for the Natural Man" tomorrow and in days to come.


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