Accessories for the Natural Man - IX


English Art Deco Cufflinks with Brown and White Enameling (LEO Design)
We're spending a few days showcasing some accessories "for the Natural Man"—cufflinks in the subtle, low-key shades of brown, rust, cream, black and white.  You'll find them (and many others) for sale on the LEO Design website.

In the 1930's, functional graphics in England took on a particular look—clear, soft, round—and one can see great examples of this in vintage enameled railway signage from the period.  Sometimes the signage was in brown, sky blue or green, giving the signage a "softer" more natural appearance.  This contrasts with American signage of the period which was often red, yellow, orange, black or white—meant to "pop" not "complement" the surroundings.  Furthermore, many of the signs were produced with rounded corners which served to soften the sign's appearance even more.

British Thirties Railway Signage

When traveling in England, I sometimes find these signs for sale at antique markets.  I even (occasionally) see them mounted at rail stations, still in use after 80 years.

When I found these English Art Deco cufflinks, shown above, I was immediately reminded of the vintage railway signs I love.  Their soft brown backgrounds, with white graphics, finished with rounded edges, were reminiscent (to me) of a very specific time and place.  You will learn more about them by clicking on the photo at top.

More "Cufflinks for the Natural Man" tomorrow and in days to come.


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