A Sunny Day in London Towne

Part of the D.R. Harris "Arlington" Range at LEO Design

D. R. Harris (not Doctor Harris) was founded on fashionable St. James’s Street, London, in 1790 and has been a fixture there ever since. In the Eighteenth Century, when there was not much distinction between barbering and medicine, it was common for a customer to patronize the same professional for his shaves, his cologne and his blood-letting. And D. R. Harris thrived, serving both royalty and “the just-plain-well-heeled.”  Today, the apothecary is still on St. James’s—complete with Nineteenth Century fixturing—though science has improved both the medicine and the skin care products.  Here at LEO Design, we carry the Arlington range—a bright mix of citrus and fern—a refreshing fragrance reminiscent of a visit to an old-time barber.  Please come into the shop to see it or call us for further information.


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