A Prince Visits America

English Print of Edward VII by Sir William Nicholson, RA (LEO Design)

On this day in 1860, England’s then Prince of Wales—who would one day become King Edward VII—arrived on a visit to the U.S., making him the first British heir to the throne to visit North America.  For four months he toured Canada and the States, inaugurating bridges, viewing monuments, and drawing enormous crowds wherever he went. He spent a few days in the White House with President James Buchanan and together they visited Mount Vernon and the tomb of George Washington.

It was a heady trip for the nineteen year old prince, and it did much to bolster the future king’s self-esteem.  Getting out of the shadow of his larger-than-life mother, Queen Victoria, must have been confidence-building, as well.

The print, pictured above, was executed by Sir William Nicholson, R.A., in the year 1901—the very year his mother died and Edward ascended the throne.


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