A New Shipment from Europe – part VI

Sawa Hand-Carved Ceramic Pitcher (LEO Design)

I do not know much about the ceramics piece pictured above or Sawa, the workshop that made it.  Nevertheless, I do appreciate its design integrity and the handwork required to produce it.  First, the body of the vessel was cast in terra-cotta and allowed to harden. Next, a cast terra-cotta handle was attached.  Then a chocolate brown glaze was applied over the entire piece—only to be carved away, revealing the terra-cotta surface below.  Parts of this “removal” is called sgraffito from the Italian “to scratch.”  Other parts of the glaze removal seem more akin to chip-carving, as one might on wood.  Finally, the piece was fired.

This is one of many new pieces of European art pottery recently received at LEO Design.  Please see more in our on-line store.

More newly-acquired pottery tomorrow.