A New Shipment from Europe – part II

Bitossi Italian Water Jug with Incised and Glazed Lime Green Band (LEO Design)

It’s a great day for the Irish!  And the Italians, too!  Modernism meets the ancient on this hand-crafted stoneware pitcher by Bitossi.  Chunky, textured clay is formed into the classic (and timeless) shape of an ancient Etruscan jug—then hand-incised and painted with fresh, modern colors. It’s one of many new pieces of European art pottery, just-received at LEO Design.  We invite you to come into the shop to see the new shipment—and our large assortment of art pottery from the late 19th Century through the 1970’s.

And a happy Saint Paddy’s Day!

More newly-received art pottery tomorrow.


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