A New European Shipment – part XI

Karlsruhe West German Heavy Ceramic Pitcher with Mossy-Cornflower Glazing (LEO Design)

We hop back to West Germany, circa 1970, where we discover this intriguing ceramic jug.  A strong design—including a heavy strap handle—is finished with an unexpected two-part glaze of cornflower blue and mossy green.  The handsome matte finish is reminiscent of some British glazes of the 1930’s and 1940’s.  It was made by Karlsruhe in the city of the same name in Southwestern Germany.  The city was founded in 1715 and planned with its castle at the center from which 32 streets radiate outwards.  When Thomas Jefferson visited Germany as American envoy, he was so impressed with Karlsruhe’s unique layout that he sketched a little map of it—a map which he gave to Pierre Charles L’Enfant when Washington, D.C. was being designed.  The city was largely destroyed during World War II—and rebuilt in the following years.  When Germany was divided-up amongst the victorious Allied powers, Karlsruhe found itself in the American Sector and a large U.S. airbase was built there.  The base was closed in 1995 and turned-over to the Germans.

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