A New European Shipment – part VIII

Ruscha Modernist Vase with Otherworldly Mottled Glazing (LEO Design)

When I was a boy, I read (and was captivated by) a book by Eleanor Cameron titled The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet.  Published in 1954, it followed the adventures of two California boys who responded to a mysterious classified ad in the newspaper.  The boys built a rocketship (as the ad requested) and brought it to one Mr. Tyco Bass, a funny little (greenish) man who sent them on a mission to an otherwise unknown planet. While I never did become an enthusiastic science fiction reader, little webs of this story settled into the crevices of my memory and peak-out now and then.  One such moment was upon finding the Ruscha West German vase, shown above.  Although it is not green, the veiny-reddish glazing makes me think of the bald head of a humanoid space creature, possibly on the Mushroom Planet.  What’s more, the UFO-inspired shape of the vase heightens the alien sensibility.  Designed and made in the 1960’s, it’s quite possible that this vase is the creation of a ceramicist who had read the very book which captivated me almost 50 years ago.

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Tomorrow: more from our recent shipments of European art pottery.


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