A New European Shipment – part III

Carstens "Luxus" Modernist Vase with Mooncrater Surface (LEO Design)

This week we’re sharing selected pieces of European art pottery, recently received at LEO Design.  The piece above, made by Carstens in the 1960’s or 1970’s, has an otherworldly, “alien” sensibility to it.  “Moon craters” seem to rise from the chalky-white surface of the vase. It’s a wonderful example of form and color coming-together to create dramatic impact—it’s a vase which wants to be a piece of sculpture.

Carstens was an important West German art pottery workshop, often on the cutting-edge of bold, ground-breaking design.  Like Übelacker (which we talked about yesterday), Carstens maintained a studio line—sometimes under the direction of an individual, highly-regarded ceramic artist (for example, Gerda Heukeroth).

Please come into the shop to see this vase—and the rest of our new collection—or click on the photo above to learn more about it.

Tomorrow: more from our recent shipments of European art pottery.


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