A New European Shipment – part II

Übelacker West German Handcrafted Studio Line Vase (LEO Design)

“Studio” art pottery is a hazy term, sometimes used to embellish the description of a ceramics piece which cannot be more-precisely identified.  Small workshops—indeed, individual potters—sometimes made beautiful and wonderfully inventive pieces, which some might consider a step up from the more-common, mass-produced wares.  And, in some cases, large manufacturers would foster a “studio line” within its larger company—in order to encourage artistic development and burnish a critical reputation.

The piece above is an example of the latter.  Übelacker, a fair-sized West German manufacturer, maintained a studio division within its corporate ranks.  The piece above, made in the 1960’s bears the hallmarks of a handmade piece:  heavy walls, rough finish, and lots of (time-consuming) handwork. It was not the type of wares that could be produced quickly and cheaply, which is the name of the game in any high-volume enterprise. Nevertheless, a studio division allowed Übelacker to maintain a creative edge while subsidizing an “artistic laboratory” which might germinate design trends that could be used in the larger company.

I buy art pottery (as I do all aesthetic objects) with my eye first, not my brain.  On many an occasion, I have unearthed a piece of pottery which spoke to me, though I had no idea of its provenance or importance.  In such situations, I have usually brought the piece back to the shop and happily labeled it “Studio” pottery.

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Tomorrow: more from our recent shipments of European art pottery.


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