A New Collection of Cufflinks

Thirties Art Deco Ying-Yang Enameled Cufflinks (LEO Design)

After selling dozens of pairs of cufflinks in December, I’ve been vigorously re-building my collection in time for the next big occasion: Valentine’s Day. Cufflinks make a wonderful gift for a man—and are perfect for the 14th of February.  With a month to go before Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share some examples from my recent acquisitions of cufflinks.

Shown above, a pair of Art Deco enameled guilloché cufflinks inspired by the ancient Asian Yin-Yang design.  Yin-Yang aesthetically conveys the idea of dualing—even opposite—forces which find a complimentary existence without changing their individual natures: Earth and Sky, Fire and Water, Man and Woman.  Even without such high-minded theory, the Yin and Yang make for a handsome pair of cufflinks. Please click on the photo above to learn more about this pair.

More new cufflinks tomorrow.