A New Collection of Bookends—Now In-Shop

Cast Iron Bookends with Stampeding Wild Horses (LEO Design)

As we build-up our inventories for the Holidays, I’m always on the look-out for beautiful and interesting bookends.  They make the perfect gift—handsome, useful, and everlasting. New Yorkers love books and, thus, they love bookends. With this in mind, I’ve purchased a new collection of bookends which I’d like to share with you over the next few days.

Shown above, a pair I’ve never seen before: wild horses stampeding along a rocky plain. Made of cast iron in the 1920’s, the sculptor has conveyed (skillfully) much energy into his usually-static material.  Whether in a Western retreat or an urban office, these bookends will bring a bit of the wild to your interior environment.

Please come by the shop to see them—and the full collection of newly-acquired bookends—or click on the photo above to learn more about this particular pair.

More bookends tomorrow.