A Fair Breeze Blows

Sky Blue and Cloudy White Glazed Floor Vase (LEO Design)

Like that silly internet phenomenon which asked, “What color is this dress?”, this newly-acquired West German floor vase has proved to be a bit of a Rorschach Test in the shop. While I see fluffy clouds against a wonderful (sky) blue sky, others on staff insist that the glaze portrays courses of waves traveling toward the shore.  Still others have perceived the presence of coral.  Whether we agree (or agree to disagree), the unanimous verdict concludes that this piece is just beautiful.  I’ve never encountered this glaze before and—unlike many West German Modernist pieces—it projects a certain lightness, a feeling of “freshness.”  So, as long as it’s here in the shop, I’ll just let the vase’s cool breeze blow over me.  My staff, on the other hand, is free to choose being run over by waves or coral.


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