A Capital Capitol!

Cast Spelter Capitol Trinket Box (LEO Design)

The U.S. Capitol building—one of Washington D.C.’s cardinal landmarks—sits atop a hill, overlooking the Washington Mall.  It’s most basic function is to house the two chambers of the Congress, although many other important occasions are celebrated or performed there. Presidents are usually inaugurated upon an exterior platform built off the West façade (which overlooks the Mall).  Annual State of the Union addresses are broadcast from the House chamber—into which both the House, Senate, plus the Supreme Court, Military leadership and various dignitaries and invited guests are squeezed.  And a very special few have “lain in state” beneath the buildings central dome:  former presidents (Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan, Ford), senators (Inouye and Pepper), and the occasional American hero (L’Enfant, Rosa Parks and Unknown Soldiers of WWII, Korean and Vietnam conflicts).

Above, a cast-specter trinket box, made in the 1940’s or 1950’s, depicts the American landmark.  It would make a nice addition to your bedside or desk top—a perfect place to store your cufflinks, keys or paperclips.

And, while some cynics may despise Washington (and I am not one of them), please remember:  while some Americans may hate the capital, few could hate the capitol.

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