A Father's Day Favorite

Musgo Real Classic Portuguese Soap-on-a-Rope (LEO Design)

Soap-on-a-Rope has always been a Father's Day favorite.  I remember buying a bar for my dad when I was a young boy.  There's something so manly about it—the no-nonsense practicality, the simple functionality, and, of course, the lingering masculine smell. Hanging from the shower head or water tap, a bar of the soap will stay handy and neat (never dissolving into a slimy goo).  Alas, making soap-on-a-rope is a labor-intensive (and vanishing) tradecraft.  Luckily, our soap maker in Portugal, Claus Porto, still makes the suspendible bars.  Click on the photo above and learn more about it.

Other Musgo Real products are also offered on-line—as a gift pack or a la carte.

More Father's Day gift ideas tomorrow. 


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