Italian Sand-Cast Pewter

Italian Sand-Cast Pewter Ogee Photo Frame (LEO Design)

Sand-casting is an ancient method of metalwork whereby the original item (to be duplicated) is pressed into a tray of sticky sand.  When the object is removed, it leaves behind a depression into which molten metal is poured.  After cooling, the newly-cast piece is retrieved, cleaned-up and ready for the next manufacturing step.  It's a very simple method and not highly sophisticated, thus, metal objects made this way are subject to small manufacturing idiosyncrasies (pock marks, burrs and wavy surfaces).  In the case of this Italian sand-cast pewter photo frame, little flaws simply serve to add charm to the piece—and underline the frame's handmade bona fides.  Shown above, a 5x5 frame with tight all-over stippling.  It is one of many Italian pewter frames now on-line, available in several sizes, shapes and styles.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about it.

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