Notre Dame de Paris

Cast Iron Notre Dame de Paris Bookends (LEO Design)

Notre Dame de Paris is one of the World's great cathedrals.  The name means "Our Lady of Paris" and refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Construction was begun in 1163 and continued for the next 182 years.  It was built in the "new" French Gothic style on the Île de la Cité—a natural island floating within the Seine—which was the defensible center of Medieval Paris.  The building, including its many gargoyles and chimera, was originally colored though (after 800 years) the paint has mostly worn off.  And the structure is the first building in the world to employ "flying buttresses"—the arched ribs which hold-up the cathedral's walls.

Two bell towers stand at the front of the church.  In the Southern (right) tower hangs the 13 ton bell named "Emmanuel."  It was made in 1681 and is rung every 60 minutes to mark the hour.  He shares the Southern tower with "Marie" who is half as big.  Another eight smaller bells round-out the collection—carefully replicating the sound of the cathedral's original bells.

The cast iron bookends, above, were made in the 1920's.  They are finished with a copper wash and host a creeping verdigris patina.  Please click on the photo above to learn more about them.


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